Sunday, January 14, 2018

Love and Anger

I've been thinking lately about managing anger.

No doubt about it: I'm angry.

When I hear that our president referred to countries I love with language that I would not allow from even the wildest street kid in my care. 

When I see men I once respected twist themselves in knots defending the utterly indefensible.

When I wade through the mounting tide of #MeToo, with each story triggering memories of more, my own and those of girls and women dear to me crumbling, withdrawing, used and misused, diminished, dimmed, shut down.

I promise you, I'm angry.

I set this blog down months ago, but sometimes I'm tempted to take it up again.

Today, I went looking back to see what I'd said about Martin Luther King, Jr.

And anger.

And here it is. A post I wrote in May, 2017.

I've updated it slightly. But the ideas hold true.